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I am a Photographer based in Tokyo, Japan

東京生まれ。18歳で渡米。20代をSan Francisco,Berkeley,New York


主にファッション、広告写真。American Express Gold Members Magazine Impression Goldカバーストーリー多数。Tokyu Department Gold Card Members Magazine特集ページ撮影多数。フランスの三つ星レストラン、高級リゾートホテル、料亭旅館、高級ホテル、レストラン特集多数。アマングループホテル、ファッションブランドカタログ(ワールドなど)、坂本龍一、BECK, デラソルなどミュージシャン多数。建築写真、ジュウェリー、コーポレートビデオ(佐藤製薬など)映像ディレクター、エスクワイヤー、ナンバーなどの雑誌、WEB DESIGN EDGEなどの書籍など多数。

I am a photographer based in Tokyo, Japan.


creative director at SAIS PRODUCTIONS.

I was born in Tokyo, Japan, and moved to the USA at 18. I lived in San Francisco, Berkeley, and New York during my twenties. After working as a musician and editor, I shifted to photography, specializing in fashion and advertising. I had the opportunity to create various cover stories for Impression Gold magazine of American Express Gold Members and feature page shoots for Tokyu Department Gold Card Members Magazine. My work includes photographing numerous French three-star restaurants, luxury resorts, ryotei ryokan, and hotels. I have collaborated with Aman Group Hotels, fashion brand catalog ( World), Ryuichi Sakamoto, Beck, De la sol, and other musicians. Architectural photography, Jewelly, corporate video ( Sato Pharmaceutical), film director, magazines such as Esquire, NUMBER, books such as WEB DESIGN EDGE, and many more.


edward HAMES

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